2018 Saskatchewan BIM Conference

Thank you for joining us on October 25-26, 2018 to discover how Building Information Modeling (BIM) is used within the local Saskatchewan community. Attendance was great and it was and excellent event!!!

Thanks to Saskatchewan Polytechnic, CanBIM, Building Smart Canada and the organizing committee for all of their efforts organizing and preparing this event.

If were unable to attend or just can’t get enough of the presentations, please use the following links to access all of the events presentations on CanBIM’s Youtube Channel.

2018 Saskatchewan BIM Conference Presentations

  • Opening Address (Dan Bechard)


  • Innovation and Digital Transformation at Alberta Infrastructure (Rafael Lucero)


  • Digitizing Saskatchewan’s Built Environment (Bill Moore)


  • BIM Consulting Lessons from a Power Plant Project (Edwin Guerra)


  • Design Through BIM – Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan (Steve Schiml & Tyler Buhr)


  • BIM Beyond Modelling (Troy Smith)


  • Drones…How PCL is rising to new heights in Saskatchewan Construction Technology (Brad North & Larry Laxdal)